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February 19 2016


Letter To Adam and Eve

Have you got any idea what the piece fruit you ate has been doing to all of us, your descendants? Are you experiencing any idea? Unknown

Do you have any idea how far-reaching one-act of disobedience would be? You didn't think this through; your actions were selfish and poorly considered!

The effects from the mess you passed to us are becoming worse, everyday: Relationships are failing; there is certainly hunger, diseases, and death. Small children and infants are living and dying in poverty. We have diseases with no known names or cure, and kids are suffering with inoperable cancers. You will find rampant senseless killings, early death, and many types of types of unimaginable distress.

It is too late so that you can concern yourself with everything that; damages may be done.

But God in His love and infinite wisdom, designed a way to restore what to their original state, to revive the connection between Him and us. Remember how He accustomed to visit you within the Garden, inside the cool during the day (see Genesis 3:8)? Of course you need to do, but you lost that privilege whenever you were dumped of the garden.

But He's restored that privilege to us; now we could visit Him in the Throne Room. Would you like to know very well what He did? He sent His One and only Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins (see John 3:16). Jesus died an agonizing death on the cross on the behalf, now we do not have to die as we repent, rely on Him and request forgiveness. For now though, our struggles continues until we have seen Him face to face. Through our suffering and pain, He's transforming us being similar to Him.

We will never hold some of our sufferings against you, because if anyone of us had been the initial, we most likely could have done exactly what you did.

Now about the Throne Room, let me tell you, it really is amazing! As sinful once we are (due to you), we obtain to go there any time associated with a day to just sit back, lie down, fully stand up, or kneel down before Him. Physical posture is actually not too important; what exactly is vital may be the posture in our hearts.

He wants us to come in humility, penitence, and faith. He foretells us from the Word and also the Spirit, after which He hears us as we petition Him about various needs and issues. You know, He answers before we call, although we are still speaking He hears (see Isaiah 65:24). Our relationship with Him through Christ is amazing. All these privileges are only concerned with those that believe in Him, and then we have to let all others find out about His provision for salvation! Unknown

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